• uPVC window repairs and uPVC door repairs are our speciality. Got a stuck window or door? Draughty windows or doors? Replacement Locks required? Blown or Misted glass?

    We can repair or replace many of the parts on the same day.

    Glass replacement quotes now being offered FREE with no obligation.

    Window repairs and Door repairs in Larne, Ballyclare, Carrickfergus, Antrim and Ballymena have been on the increase.

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    Locksmith Larne
    Welcome to Secure Locks NI.
    Can I please introduce you to myself and my company. My name is Richard Hanson and I have recently moved from the UK Mainland where I have spent the past 6 years working within my family run Locksmith and Security Business. During this period, I have become extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all aspects of locksmith and uPVC repairs. Having also gained a lot of experience within the Burglary Prevention arena; both Domestic and Commercial.
    As a local Locksmith covering a wide area of County Antrim, Specifically Locksmith Larne, Locksmith Carrickfergus, Locksmith Antrim.
    Available 24/7 to cover any of your needs, from Locked out or Lost house keys.


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    uPVC Window Repairs


    Secure Locks NI Locksmith Is a Specialist in uPVc window repairs.


    uPVC window wont open? uPVC window not closing properly?


    For this reason, it is a necessity that all your UPVC windows are in good working order for your safety, comfort and also to adhere to your home insurance requirements.

    uPVC Windows often contain inner uPVC mechanisms that allow your window to open and close securely and quickly, providing excellent security for your home or business.

    These uPVC window mechanisms are at times neglected, causing them to fault or can malfunction without warning.

    uPVC windows hinges are another common problem causing the window to not close fully or out of alignment, this in turn can cause a uPVC window mechanism to break in time.




    Window Repairs.

    uPVC window hinges

    uPVC window mechanism

    uPVC window handle




    uPVC door repairs

    uPVC Door Repairs



    Secure Locks NI Locksmith Is a Specialist in uPVc door repairs.


    uPVC door not locking? uPVC door not closing properly?


    It is a fact that we use doors more often than windows for access to and from properties.

    Faulty door locking mechanisms are rare if the door is aligned correctly. Usually, door mechanisms can become damaged by leaving the problem too long after the door becomes misaligned over time.

    Secure Locks NI Locksmith can quickly repair or replace all known uPVC door locking mechanisms without any damage to your current doors or frames. We also have alternatives to any discontinued mechanisms.






    Door Repairs

    uPVC door hinges

    uPVC door mechanism

    uPVC door alignment

    uPVC door handle

    uPVC door lock




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    Here is a list of our most requested services.

    1. Emergency Locksmith Services
    2. Burglary Prevention
    3. uPVC Door Repairs
    4. uPVC Window Repairs
    5. HIgh Security Locks
    6. Internal Door Locks
    7. Garage and Shed Locks
    8. Gate locks

    We offer FREE home security surveys and No Call out fees or labour charges on any of our jobs.

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    Here is a list of the areas we cover for any Emergency Locksmith services you require.

    1. Locksmith Belfast
    2. Locksmith Antrim
    3. Locksmith Ballyclare
    4. Locksmith Newtownabbey
    5. Locksmith Larne
    6. Locksmith Ballymena
    7. Locksmith Carrickfergus
    8. Locksmith Jordanstown
    9. Locksmith North Belfast
    10. Locksmith East Belfast
    11. Locksmith West Belfast

    We also cover a wider area and if you`re unsure please contact us and we can adivse if we cover your area.

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