• Locked out?

    emergency lock out

    Non-Destructive Entry

    We will always try to use a Non-destructive method of opening any door or window in any situation. Experts in Various methods of Non-Destructive entry we will try to cause ZERO damage to any mechanism or hardware.


    Being locked out of your home or business can be a stressful experience for many people.


    the local Locksmith team at secure Locks NI is on hand in any emergency situation to get you back in fast and efficiently. Specialising in Non-Destructive entry into your home or business as quickly as possible is our number one priority.

    lost keys

    Common Locked out scenarios

    • The key is snapped in the lock
    • The key is on the inside and door closed behind
    • locked out whereby keys lost
    • locked out whereby keys stolen
    • locked out whereby the key turns but door mechanism has failed

    How long does it all take?

    We aim to be with you within the hour from the initial call and average around 20-30 minutes to be on site. Door entry can, of course, be quicker or take longer depending on numerous factors. We will always try and get you into your property as fast as possible with the least amount of fuss and damage.

    snapped key

    Locked out with a snapped key?

    We specialise in removing a snapped key inside a lock without causing any further damage to the existing lock. this can be great for continued use of the existing lock if another key is available to use (spare key inside isn't a problem as we can unlock the door to retrieve the spare key) if no spare is available, we carry a variety of new locks and can replace this on site so that you can use the door.

    door alignment

    Key turns but door doesn't open?

    In this instance the key will turn as if the door is unlocked but then handle won't engage to release the door mechanism. This is a common fault we find on doors that have been fitted incorrectly or over time has become hard to use. Common on uPVC doors due to misalignment. Upon Opening the door, we will check for any broken parts and service the door. If no parents are required, we can fully align the door to prevent this scenario happening again.


    We carry a variety of mechanisms in the van to ensure we can get the door open and more importantly, lock it again securely.