• Child Safety

    chilld safety locks

    Window Safety

    Having the peace of mind that a child couldn't open a window fully and fall out is a must for any parent.

    Child safety Locks come in many different types to suit each window.

    With the added security the child safety locks enable you to still open a window to allow air flow but also allowing you still remove the lock and open the window fully if needed.

    door security

    Door safety

    Added Safety to doors is another good way of keeping your house and children safe.

    some doors are set up with easy to release Thumbturn locks, which is great for the ease of use but not so great for safety and security.

    We would always recommend where possible to remove a thumbturn lock and replace with a traditional key operated lock.

    In some cases, a thumbturn has to be used for fire safety however.

    We can offer door security bolts or chains for added safety.