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    How we can help

    Problems with uPVC doors can either progressively get worse over time or just happen without warning.


    Multi-point locking mechanisms can be one of the most expensive parts of a uPVC door and we have found that numerous people have been wrongly informed they need the whole strip replacing, when infact most multi-point locking mechanisms are in sperate parts.


    In some cases however, the whole strip may need to be replaced. we would always advice on site the best solutions and with the approach of the most cost-effective solutions to you.

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    Patio or French doors

    A fully glazed uPVC door will have more strain on the hinge due to the weight of the glass that's installed. The most common fault is down to alignment when the door drops and either people can't close and lock the door or over time, they have been using the door in a "special way" to lock but in turn causing the mechanism to break.


    If you notice a sudden change in the difficulty of locking or unlocking a fully glazed uPVC door, then our advice is to get it locked and leave it locked until the problem is solved. By doing this it could save Hundreds of pounds by having the door Professionally re-aligned rather than a mechanism breaking.


    We strongly advise against attempting this method yourself as this could cause more problems and costs if the uPVC hinges/uPVC mechanism breaks or even worse you smash the glass.


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    Common faults

    • Broken uPVC Mechanism
    • Broken uPVC Lock
    • Broken uPVC Handle
    • Alignment
    • Seals
    • Letting in Draught
    • Broken Upvc Hinges