• uPVC Window Repairs

    Specialising in uPVC window repairs without the need to replace the whole uPVC window.

    uPVC window draught

    Causes Of Draught.

    The main and most common cause of a uPVC window becoming Draughty is when the glass is incorrectly installed.

    This causes the other hardware (hinges and mechanism) to become out of line therefore adding extra strain. In most cases they Break without warning.

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    Many people have gaps on their uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors due to Broken or incorrectly fitted windows and doors. This causes the house to become either drafty or causes heat loss.

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    Draft Excluders Like the one shown in the photo are NOT the solution and, in most cases, actually cause more problems by causing the uPVC windows or uPVC doors to not shut correctly and potentially breaking the Hardware.

    uPVC mechanism

    Mechanism And Handle Issues

    Another common fault is when a uPVC window become hard or Stiff to open and shut.

    This is mainly down to the uPVC window be out of alignment there the mechanism is catching rather than being smooth.

    This over time will put added pressure on the mechanism and handle causing them to break.

    Most people would continue using the uPVC window until the inevitable would happen and the window usually breaks in the locked position.

    We carry a wide variety of mechanisms on the van to suit most common uPVC windows.

    Replacement Glass

    Glass Installation

    Believe it or not most uPVC window glass has been incorrectly installed. We`re even seeing new build estates that have had glass incorrectly installed.

    The problem with this is that it causes the window to sag and the mechanism to be out of alignment.

    This is turn could cause a house to become Draughty due to the uPVC window having gaps and therefore losing all the heat from your house.

    We can solve this problem by removing the old glass and re installing it in the correct manor.

    This Would not require any new parts and the existing glass would remain, Unless the glass has blown or misted up then we recommend changing the glass for a new unit.

    uPVC window

    Common Faults

    • Glass Incorrectly installed
    • Glass blown (condensation between the unit)
    • Broken uPVC Window Hinges
    • Broken uPVC Window Mechanism
    • Broken uPVC Window handle