• High Security Locks

    3 star anti snap ultion cylinder

    uPVC Door Security

    Don't be fooled by thinking that locking a door is safe, truth is it isn't. In most cases a standard non accredited euro cylinder has been fitted to a door and burglars can bypass these with ease.

    Upgrading your locks to a 3 star Anti snap lock is the best form of defence against any burglar.

    People who have a 1 star lock fitted are being misled by not only door and window manufacturers but also other locksmiths, wrongly fitting 1 star locks and passing them off as anti snap, in some cases charging more for a 1 star lock than a 3 star Anti snap lock.

    If you're unsure on what type of lock you have then you can get in touch and we will give you the correct information you need.

    2 star lock lock handle and 3 star anti snap euro cylinder

    Additional uPVC door security

    Another great product we offer is a 2 star High security handle. Boasting a fantastic 20 year anti corrosion warranty and available in various colours to match your door.

    These handle don't just look the part they also prevent any burglar from snapping the handle to gain easy access to the lock.

    Also featuring a additional security switch on the internal side of the handle.

    ultion 3 star anti snap euro cylinder

    Wooden Door security

    Wooden doors themselves, Like composite doors, Offer good security compared to a uPVC door. Being much stronger with a solid core instead of a insert.

    Most locks on wooden doors however are only a 3 lever lock which unfortunately doesn't comply with insurance standards while also offering very little in protection.

    we suggest upgrading either mortice or deadlocks to 5 levers, offering insurance standards compliance and also the added protection against burglars.

    we can also key alike a wooden door to existing uPVC or Compsoite door locks if a Suited key system (one key does all locks) is reguired.