Burglar Methods shared by a Belfast Locksmith Northern Ireland

Know how burglars gain access into your home

Burglars use various methods to gain entry into houses, and their techniques can vary based on factors such as the level of security measures in place and the vulnerability of the property. Here are some common methods burglars may employ:

1. Lock Snapping: By far the easiest, quickest and queitest method of entry for any burglar. A Non Accredited Lock can be bypassed in as little as 10 seconds and a burglar in and out of your property within a few mintues. Always make sure you have a 3 STAR ANTI SNAP lock fitted to all external doors. A 1 star lock gives a small amount of protection but unfortunately tehse locks can be bypassed.

2. Forced Entry: Burglars may attempt to forcefully enter a property by kicking in doors, breaking windows, or using tools like crowbars, hammers, or screwdrivers to pry open locks or hinges. They may target weak points in the structure or exploit vulnerabilities in doors and windows.

3. Lock Manipulation: Skilled burglars may attempt lock manipulation techniques such as lock picking, lock bumping, or using specially crafted tools to manipulate the internal mechanisms of the lock. This allows them to unlock the door without leaving visible signs of forced entry. These methods are rarely seen due to the time needed to gain entry.

4. Window Entry: Unsecured or easily accessible windows are prime targets for burglars. They may force open windows or use tools to remove windowpanes, pry open sashes, or exploit faulty window locks or latches. Ground floor and basement windows are particularly vulnerable.

5. Unauthorized Keys: Some burglars gain access to properties using stolen or unauthorized keys. They may obtain keys through methods like pickpocketing, burglary of other premises, or by duplicating keys without the owner's knowledge. This highlights the importance of safeguarding your keys and controlling their distribution.

6. Unlocked Doors and Windows: Surprisingly, many burglaries occur when homeowners simply forget to lock doors or windows. Burglars take advantage of this negligence and gain entry without much effort. Always ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked, even when you are at home or just stepping out briefly.

7. Deception and Social Engineering: Burglars may use deceptive tactics to gain access to a property. They might pose as service workers, delivery personnel, or even neighbors in need of assistance. By tricking homeowners into opening the door or providing access, they can quickly gain entry and carry out their illegal activities.

8. Remote Hacking: With the rise of smart home technology, burglars may attempt to hack into security systems, surveillance cameras, or smart locks. Weak passwords, outdated software, or insufficient security measures can make it easier for tech-savvy criminals to gain control remotely and disable or manipulate security systems.

To protect your home against these methods, it's important to implement comprehensive security measures such as installing high security 3 STAR ANTI SNAP locks, reinforcing doors and windows, using security systems, and maintaining good security habits like locking doors and windows when not in use. Being aware of potential vulnerabilities and taking proactive steps can significantly reduce the risk of burglaries.


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